CyberArk Training Overview

CyberArk Online Training

Build your career in a top Privileged Access Management solution by enrolling yourself into expert-designed CyberArk training. At CourseDrill our certified trainer will cover the end-to-end aspects of CyberArk admin & implementation and transform you into a skilled cybersecurity professional. In this course, you will gain complete knowledge of the CyberArk architecture, workflows, policy configuration, Privileged Account Security (PAS), Enterprise Password Vault (EPV), account creation, disaster recovery, password management, CyberArk integration concepts, safe management, and lot more. Working on real-time CyberArk use cases and projects during the training will give you hands-on exposure. Get a chance to learn from top cybersecurity mentors by joining CourseDrill’s CyberArk certification course.

Why Should You Learn CyberArk?

Why CourseDrill?

CourseDrill is a leading online CyberArk training provider in the market with world-class industry experts as its trainers. We have been the first choice for many CyberArk aspirants over the past 5 years and till today we have successfully trained 2000+ aspirants and 20+ Corporates on this tool across the globe. Our unique features like certified CyberArk mentors, industry-oriented course curriculum design, practical teaching methodology, CyberArk placement assistance, world-class support system, etc, have made us the best CyberArk training providers in the market. Join the league of high-paying CyberArk professionals by learning real-time privileged access management skills from CourseDrill expert mentors.

CyberArk Corporate Training

Are you looking for the best learning partner to transform your workforce into skilled CyberArk professionals? If your answer is yes, we are here to help you out! At CourseDrill, our CyberArk expert mentors will analyze and understand your learning requirement and design the course content accordingly. Equip your workforce with modern CyberArk skills and get ready to handle ever-evolving security threats. Enquire now to know more!

CyberArk Training Details:

CourseDrill offers you a comprehensive job oriented CyberArk online training and equips you with industry demanded skills. In this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge of CyberArk concepts such as  Privileged Access Management Security Platform, safe design, user management, access control, fault tolerance, user management, automate workflows, privileged access,  password reconciliation, etc.

Apart from delivering you the best CyberArk training and, you will also work with real-time CyberArk projects, get advanced material for CyberArk interview questions, free recorded CyberArk training videos, and also access to valuable CyberArk tutorial videos.

Upon the completion of this training you will gain expertise in:

    • Clear knowledge of security breaches
    • Overview of Privileged Access Management (PAM).
    • User Management & access control
    • Password management and workflows
    • Core PAAS Components
    • Privileged Session Management
    • Privileged Threat Analytics
    • Troubleshooting Methodologies
    • PAS Architecture
    • System Integrations
    • EPV Installation
    • PSM Installation
    • Vault Availability Solutions
    • PSMP Installation
    • Authentication Methods
    • System Integrations
    • EPV Performance Tuning
    • Mock interviews
    • Defender certification preparation

In order to learn CyberArk, the aspirants should have basic knowledge of Windows administration and Networking.

Following are the typical job roles available to a CyberArk professional:

    • CyberArk Engineer
    • CyberArk Administrator
    • CyberArk Architect
    • CyberArk Specialist
    • CyberArk Developer

Yes, we offer customized CyberArk corporate training to cater to the unique needs of organizations and help them in transforming their workforce with the latest security management skills. We have well experienced CyberArk trainers who can design and deliver content that fits your CyberArk learning needs.

Quality never comes cheap! This is a universal fact, but with an aim to deliver high-quality CyberArk EPM training to all, we offer this course at a very affordable cost. You can get quick details by calling at +91-93473 84580 or write to us at

CyberArk is used for managing privileged accounts through automatic password management. The CyberArk technology is used in diversified industries such as energy, healthcare, financial and government markets. Top global corporations have already made CyberArk as their internal technology to manage their high value and most critical assets.

CyberArk’s Privileged Access Security Solution allows organizations to build solutions that meet organizational requirements and minimizes security threats. This technology is simple to deploy and incur no additional costs.  Be your privileged credentials are in the cloud, on-premises, CyberArk’s Privileged Access Security Solution takes care of them with standard security measures.

CyberArk Course Content:

At CourseDrill the CyberArk course content has been designed by real-time experts and updated regularly to provide you with fresh industry skills. This course covers end to end concepts of the CyberArk tool and makes you an expert in privileged account management. Following are the CyberArk training syllabus modules that we are going to cover in this training.

Learning Objective: This section will introduce you to the Privileged Account management concept which is a part of identity and access management (IAM)  and provides end-to-end protection to the privileged concepts.


    • Enterprise pain areas
    • Expected Solution
    • Associated risk

Learning Outcome: You will gain a complete overview of what privileged accounts are, components and various concepts associated with it.

Learning Objective: In this section, you will be introduced to the CyberArk tool. CyberArk’s Privileged Access Security Solution allows organizations to build solutions that meet organizational requirements and minimizes security threats.


    • Introduction to CyberArk
    • CyberArk Architecture
    • CyberArk installation and configuration
    • Unique features and capabilities of CyberArk

Learning Outcome: You will have come to know about CyberArk tool and Architecture. More importantly, you will gain hands-on exposure in CyberArk installation and configuration on your machine.

Learning Objective: CyberArk consists of powerful components and all these components work together to secure the confidential data of an organization. This module deals with all the essential CyberArk components and their role in the smooth functioning of this technology.


    • CyberArk Vault
    • Privileged Session Manager
    • Password Vault Web Access Manager
    • CyberArk Vault Client
    • Central Password Manager

Learning Outcome: Upon the completion of this chapter you will have gained complete practical knowledge of the above all the components.

Learning Objective: This section has been designed to provide in-depth knowledge of the CyberArk functionality in real-time and arrears where it is deployed.


    • Overview of CyberArk functionality
    • Its working style
    • CyberArk use cases

Learning Outcome: You will have come to know how CyberArk functions in real-time.

Learning Objective: This module has been designed to make you understand the CyberArk Installation process, vault installation, PSM installation, PVWA Installation, etc.  You will also get a knowledge of the software and hardware environment in order to install CyberArk.


    • Prerequisites to install CyberArk on your machine
    • CyberArk Port awareness.
    • Vault installation
    • Integration with CyberArk Active Directory
    • CyberArk CPM Installation.
    • Configuring CyberArk Email Notification engine
    • CyberArk PSM Installation.
    • CyberArk PVWA Installation.
    • CyberArk Vault Client Installation.

Learning Outcome: You will gain hands-on exploration in CyberArk and various other components installation.

Learning outcome: Policy configuration deals with the security and compliance policy of privileged accounts in an organization. This chapter helps you learn how to configure various policies in CyberArk.


    • Overview of CyberArk Policies
    • Types of Policies in CyberArk
    • Privileged accounts and their security
    • Best practices to be implemented for CyberArk policies

Learning Objective: Upon the completion of this chapter, you will have complete knowledge of various policies in CyberArk.

Learning Objective: This section has been designed to teach you the process to create a typical policy in the CyberArk platform.


    • Master Policy
    • Scheduled Task
    • CPM Platform Policy
    • Services

Learning Objective: Upon the completion of this chapter, you will have gained real-time knowledge to create the above-mentioned policies in CyberArk.

Learning Objective: In CyberArk safes allows the user to view the safes page and manage the properties of existing safes. Here you will learn about user access, safe creation, dual control, advance management etc.


    • Overview of Safe Management in CyberArk
    • User Access Matrix
    • User addition (LDAP)
    • Safe Creation
    • Dual Control
    • Object Level Access Control
    • Advanced Safe Management

Learning Outcome: By the end of this module you will have gained complete knowledge about safe management in CyberArk and its components.

Learning Objective: This module has been designed to cover various integration tasks involved in CyberArk. Here you will learn to integrate the CyberArk platform with windows, Linux, and many other applications.


    • CyberArk Integration
    • Unix/Linux
    • Windows
    • Security Device Overview.
    • Network Device Overview

Learning Outcome: You will have gained hands-on experience in multiple configurations associated with the CyberArk platform.

Learning Objective: This module has been designed to provide you with practical experience in handling the below tasks.


    • User OnBoarding
    • Password Reconciliation
    • Privileged Single-Sign-on
    • Authentication (2-factor)
    • Access privilege of User Accounts in PAM
    • Session Recording
    • Auditing/Reporting
    • Dual Access Control
    • Users OffBoarding
    • Session Recording

Learning Objective: You will have gained real-time experience in working with all the above concepts.

Learning Objective: This module has been designed to teach you the techniques to handle various issues that arise on a regular interval.


    • Developing a password file for pvwaapp user
    • Developing a password file for gw user
    • Developing a password file for a password manager user
    • Password resetting and unlocking for all the above-mentioned roles

Learning Outcome: You will have learnt managing issues and the process to troubleshoot them instantly.

Learning Objective: CyberArk Vault as a crucial data repository for the organization and got the capability to work even when there are server failovers. CyberArk disaster recovery vaults are highly competent and resume operations quickly and effect no data at times of failovers.


    • Disaster Recovery Vault
    • Maintain the DR Vault
    • Disaster Recovery User
    • Monitor Vault Availability
    • Initiate a Predefined DR Failover
    • Logging
    • Initiate a DR Failback to the Production Vault

Learning Outcome: You will have learned to manage various Vaults available in CyberArk.

Modes of Training

Self-Paced Learning
Online Instructor LED
Corporate Solutions

CyberArk Certification

Qualifying CyberArk Certification will impart you with the complex security skills to effectively handle privileged accounts. CyberArk certification demonstrates your level of expertise in the security domain and presents you with limitless opportunities to excel in your career.

Following are the 4 levels of Certifications offered by CyberArk:

CyberArk Certifications:

    • Level 1: Trustee – test
    • Level 2: Defender
    • Level 3: Sentry
    • Level 4: Guardian

Our expert mentors will help you with the right materials and preparation techniques to clear the appropriate CyberArk certification. Moreover, you will also receive a CyberArk course completion certificate, this certificate is valid across all the MNCs and eases up your job search process.

CyberArk Projects

To deliver practical CyberArk Defender training we have included two live projects in this training program. You will implement each concept in real-time and learn things practically. This process builds confidence in you and helps you clear any complex interview with ease.

FAQs On CyberArk Training

With an aim to make the learning process simple and flexible, CourseDrill offers two different modes of training which are Instructor-led training and Self-paced training. Apart from this CourseDrill also offers corporate training to the organizations across the world for updating their workforce on the latest technologies. 

Yes, upon the successful completion of the course you will get all the assistance required to get into your dream job from our placement department. CourseDrill has partnered with 1000+ companies all around the globe and we share your resume with all these companies for exposing you to the right opportunities. Apart from this, you will also receive extra benefits from the expert team which includes interview preparation, resume building, etc.

At CourseDrill we follow a practical approach in designing all the online courses.  Each course consists of two latest and easy to understand projects. Working with projects during the training period will help you apply your theoretical knowledge into real-time applications. This process enhances your knowledge and skill-set to handle real-world projects.

Yes, absolutely. With an aim to provide the financial flexibility to the learners, CourseDrill offers two instalment options. When you sign up for the course you are requested to pay half of the course fee and remaining amount you can pay when half of the course finishes.

Yes! We do offer high-quality CyberArk training videos to make your learning time constrain free. This option will help you gain in-demanded CyberArk skills at a convenient time. All these CyberArk EPM training videos are taught by top CyberArk industry experts. If you come across any doubts during your learning process, our expert team will connect you with the appropriate trainer and solve your doubts.

Yes, CourseDrill offers you an option to attend the demo. If you are not satisfied with a trainer we will arrange a demo with another CyberArk trainer.

No! Our job assistance program has been designed only to help you with the potential job opportunities that suit your profile. The hiring process completely depends on your performance during the interview and companies requirements.

Yes, each course offered by CourseDrill is associated with some specific discounts. When you make an enquiry for a course our coordinator will explain to you with a complete course fee structure along with discounts.

The term Privileged Account is defined as an account that has an allotment with more powers than an ordinary account. In the cybersecurity world, privileged accounts are those which have access to confidential data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, PHI information, etc.  These areas become prone to security threats if not protected properly.

Following are the typical Privileged accounts found in an organization:

    • Privileged User Accounts
    • Local Administrative Accounts
    • Emergency Accounts
    • Domain Administrative Accounts
    • Service Accounts
    • Emergency Accounts
    • Application Accounts
    • Active Directory or Domain Service Accounts

Yes! At CourseDrill, you will get basic CyberArk free training material to make you fundamentally strong. Our training CyberArk provides you with the basics of security concerns and the role of security tools in protecting the organizational confidential data.

Yes! We do offer high quality online as well as classroom CyberArk training in Ameerpet.


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Neha Jain
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That was the best learning experience for me with coursedrill. The CyberArk admin training completed in 25 hours and the explanation was quite impressive. The trainer showed me live examples and he has very deep expertise in this domain. Overall the course was fine.
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The CyberArk course was well structured and covered all the modules. I managed to cover the missed sessions through record videos. The trainer is so helpful and helped me with my CyberArk defender certification preparation.
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I found CourseDrill’s CyberArk training curriculum suitable for my learning requirement & I joined this course. Classes were interactive, the explanation was good and covered all PAM concepts. I am happy with this CyberArk course.
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