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Top CyberArk Interview Questions One Should Know

CyberArk is a publicly-traded information security organisation providing privileged account security to various sectors, including government markets, healthcare, and many other sectors. CyberArk utilises Viewfinity to improve security measures. One of the components of CyberArk’s security solutions is CyberArk’s primary function, like privileged accounts. It utilises (PIM) Privileged Identity Management for security objectives and monitors those accounts of super users within the CyberArk.

When preparing for an interview, you have to be thorough with different CyberArk interview questions. Try to answer the questions as quickly as possible in the interview. We have gathered some essential questions to help you to crack your dream job. The questions below are handpicked carefully and helps you in  answering any question asked by the interviewer. All the best!

Frequently Asked CyberArk Interview Questions and Answers

1) What do you know about CyberArk?

CyberArk is an organization that gives information security. It has over half of fortune 500 on its customer list. The CyberArk headquarters is in Petah Tikva, Israel and the headquarters of the US is located in Newton, Massachusetts. The corporation offers Privileged Account Security to multiple sectors like energy, healthcare, retail services, government and many others.

2) Explain the use of CyberArk?

CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault, a segment of the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution, has been designed to secure, discover, rotate plus control access to privileged account passwords utilized to reach systems during the business IT environment.

3) What is CyberArk Viewfinity?

CyberArk Viewfinity allows organizations to reduce the attack surface and simultaneously keeps the users productive. This CyberArk Viewfinity enables organizations to reduce the human effort in IT by utilizing trusted sources.

4) What do you know about password vault?

A password vault means a software program that holds a few passwords within a protected digital location. By encrypting that password storage, the password vault gives users the facility to utilize a single master password to obtain several various passwords utilized for several websites or else services.

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5) What are the database passwords that CyberArk can manage?

  • DB2
  • Oracle DB
  • MS SQL

6) What are the different components of CyberArk?

There are 12 different components in CyberArk they are

  1. Password Vault Web Access 
  2. Digital Vault
  3. Component Version
  4. Email Notifications
  5. Privileged Session Manager
  6. Privileged Session Manager for Web
  7. Privileged Session Manager for SSH
  8. SSH key manager
  9. Cyberark vault synchronizer
  10. On-demand privileges manager 
  11. Privileged threat analytics
  12. Central policy manager   

7) What is the use of server utilities in CyberArk?

The server utilities help in controlling the server database and the server. We can operate them from the command line prompt. But make sure to stop the server and restart the server after running the current utility and then run any of the following Server utilities.

  • CACert
  • CAVaultManager
  • Recover
  • Envmanager utility
  • SafeRecover
  • Change server keys for On-Premise

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8) What is the use of the SafeRecover utility?

This SafeRecover utility is used to recover the content safely.

The following tables explain the usage of SafeRecover.




Name of the safe recovery. Use wildcards for different safes.

Output directory

Name of the folder within which the utility will save the safe contents that are recovered.

Keys directory

This the path of the Recovery key.

9) What is xRay in CyberArk?

CyberArk xRay assembles product logs, including configuration files from various products, within a manageable single-step process by substituting today’s complex manual collection. You can share the accumulated data among your CyberArk or partner, recognizing that it is safely encrypted throughout the transfer.

10) What is PIM?

PIM is the abbreviated variant for ‘Privileged Identity Management. It is used for security and also to monitor superuser accounts within the CyberArk. PIM is used to examine that the superuser accounts do not get mistreated. It is essential to supervise those accounts so that invaders cannot utilize these accounts for wicked purposes.

11) Explain BYOC?

BYOC – “Bring Your Own Clients” is. If PSM is enabled, you can utilize any client to access that target system. CyberArk PSM comprises more target system models than others.

12) How do we register a privileged account with the help of PVWA to CyberArk PISM?

We have to follow four critical steps to register a privileged account. They are

  1. Initiate a safe
  2. Generate a PIN
  3. Generate policy 
  4. Add your Account

13) Can we change the password within a text file in CyberArk?

If the password is encrypted or it is in the form of plain text, then we can change the password with the help of an encrypted algorithm.

14) Can we change the password within a text file in CyberArk?

We can access the count of the wrong password up to 99 times.

15) What should we have to get access to a specific safe?

We must have safe ownership to get access to a specific safe.

16) What are the different CyberArk vault protection layers?

There are four different CyberArk vault protection layers they are

  1. Visual security audit trail and encrypted network communication.
  2. Firewall and code-data isolation.
  3. Dual control security and file encryption.
  4. Granular access control and strong authentication.

17) What are the capabilities of PSM for SSH?

The capabilities of PSM for SSH are command recording and video recording.

18) List the authentication schemas that are supported by the CyberArk vault?

There are three schemas that are supported by the CyberARk vault.
  • Radius
  • LDAP
  • PKI

19) Which CyberArk module is responsible for a recording session?

The privileged session manager is responsible for a recording session.

20) How will you get the length of the string?

len(string) is used to get the length of the string.

21) Why do we use istitle()?

istitle() will return true if the string correctly “title cased” and it is false otherwise.

22) Why do we use join(seq)?

join(seq) is used to merge the string descriptions of elements within a sequence seq into a string with a separator string.

23) What are the primary functions of CyberArk?

The primary functions of Cyberark are

  1. It is designed to be safe.
  2. Cyberark is used to enforce least privilege.
  3. Cyberark control applications.

24. What is the use of the ‘On-Demand privileges’ component?

The ‘On-Demand privileges’ component is used to enable the commands to be blacklist or whitelist.

25. List the directories that CyberArk supports?

  1. Novell eDirectory
  2. Oracle Internet Directory
  3. Active directory
  4. IBM Tivoli DS

26) Explain password reconciliation?

Reconciliation is a process that compares two sets of records/passwords to check whether they are in the same arrangement or not. It is necessary that both the passwords in the vault and remote device must be synchronized.

If the passwords are not synchronized in both the vault and the remote device then the CPM can reset and reconcile them. This process is called password reconciliation.

27) Who uses CyberArk mostly?

Cyberark is often used by companies whose revenue is less than 1000M dollars and with less than 10000employess.

28) What database does CyberArk use?

CyberArk uses the Oracle database.

29) Explain SailPoint identity?

SailPoint IdentityNow is a full-featured, cloud-based identity governance solution that gives provisioning, access request, password management, including access certification services for mobile, cloud and on-premises applications.

30) Explain EPV in CyberArk?

CyberArk EPV is a component of CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution and utilized on all CyberArk Solutions. It is designed to discover, secure, control, rotate, and retrieve privileged account passwords meant to access systems everywhere within the company.

31) Name the component that is used on all CyberArk solutions?

CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault is the component that is used on all the CyberArk solutions. This component is designed to secure, discover and swing.

32) Explain lucky adherents?

Lucky adherents are those who can get access to a particular system because of their experience or else because of their work. These lucky adherents will be designated with powers in the computer system, which common users cannot get. For example – System administrators, cloud server managers and database administrators. 

33) What is the use of isnumeric()?

isnumeric() is used to check if the data is a number or not. It returns true if the Unicode string has only numbers otherwise, it returns false.

34) What is the function used to check that all the string characters are uppercase?

isupper() is the function that is used to check that all the characters in the string are uppercase, it returns true if the string contains at least one character, and all characters in the string are upper case; otherwise, it returns false.

35) How to convert the string to all lower case?

We can convert the string to all lower case by using lower().

36) Differentiate tuples and lists?

Both tuples and lists’ primary purpose is to save a sequence of data into them. But the only difference is that we cannot alter the tuples that are once defined, but we can alter lists.

37) What is the syntactical difference between tuples and lists?

Tuples and lists store the data in them. The only syntactical difference is that the tuple uses parenthesis() in its syntax. On the other hand, the list uses brackets[] in its syntax.

38) Differentiate Text Entry element and Text Box element in Tkinter Module?

We can use a Text Entry element to accept only one line, where a Text Box element contains space to accept input for various lines.

39) Explain AIM (Application Identity Manager)?

The Application Identity Manager is an application based on Windows and Linux, which promotes access to lucky passwords and also eliminates the dependency upon hard code plaintext passwords within scripts, applications or configuration files. As behind all united credentials stored within the Enterprise Password Vault, AIM passwords are logged, stored and executed strongly.

40) How to get the min alphabetical character from a specific string?

To get the minimum alphabetical character from a specific string, we have to use min(str).

41) How to get the max alphabetical character from a specific string?

To get the maximum alphabetical character from a specific string, we have to use max(str).

42) Differentiate input() method and raw_input() method? 

input() is used to return integer values whereas raw_input() is used to return string values.

43) What are the three pillars of CyberArk solutions?

The three pillars of CyberArk solutions are 

  1. PIMS
  2. SIMS
  3. PSMS 

44) What is the use of the CPM module?

The CPM module is accountable for changing the password.

45) Access control of CyberArk vault is defined by?

  • Folder
  • Safe
  • object 

46) What is the cost of CyberArk?

CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution is Extremely flexible and also customizable, including a solid feature set plus analytics. Its price starts from $35,000.

47) What do you know about jump client?

  • Jump client is used to access android devices that are unattended.
  • Jump client gives the ability to have unattended support sessions, including android devices.

48) What do you know about beyond trust?

Beyond Trust is an American business that develops, markets, and also maintains a family privileged remote access of privileged identity management, including vulnerability management products for Linux, UNIX, Windows, including Mac OS operating systems.

49) List the competitors of CyberArk?

  • BeyondTrust.
  • Thycotic.
  • Centrify.
  • HashiCorp.
  • Hitachi ID Systems.
  • Micro Focus.

50) Is CyberArk a SaaS?

Yes, CyberArk Privilege Cloud is a SaaS solution that gives an uncomplicated path to securely rotate, store, monitor sessions, isolate credentials, etc. Moreover it also quickly delivers commercial risk reduction to organizations.

When preparing for an interview, comprehensive knowledge of various CyberArk interview questions is crucial. Swift and accurate responses during the interview can significantly enhance your chances of success. To aid you in securing your dream job, we’ve compiled a set of essential questions that are meticulously chosen to assist you in effectively addressing any queries posed by the interviewer. Consider supplementing your preparation with specialized IT training courses for a more in-depth understanding. All the best!


Hope you have enjoyed reading these Cyberark interview questions and answers. These are some of the commonly asked quotations in any Cyberark interview, preparing these questions will help you clear any Cyberark interview. We are going to add more Cyberark computing interview questions in the near future, so stay tuned to this blog for the latest questions.

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