Trend Micro Interview Questions

Trend Micro Interview Questions to prepare in 2021

Welcome to Trend Micro interview questions blog. Trend Micro is an American-Japanese cyber-security company with its headquarters in Texas, and Tokyo. This company creates enterprise security software for containers, cloud computing environments, endpoints, servers, and networks. It also gives automated security for customers of Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and VM ware with its virtualization and cloud security products.

Below are the frequently asked Trend Micro interview questions and answers that help you to crack the interview. Let’s get into the details.

Frequently Asked Trend Micro Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is the use of Trend Micro?

Trend Micro offers global threat intelligence, which protects the customers from online threats like phishing attacks, malware that steals data, and another mobile, web, and email threats.

2. What is one of the critical differences between Trend Micro and Norton?

Norton is available for almost all the operating systems, whereas Trend Macro is available only for the Windows operating system.

3. What is DDoS?

DDoS is abbreviated as Distributed Daniel of Services, which means the attacker sends an enormous number of irrelevant requests; as many networks fail to handle this situation, they start denying all the requests, even the authentic ones. And this circumstance is called a “Distributed” attack.

4. What is encryption?

Taking the normal text and scrambling it into the unreadable format called “ciphertext” is called encryption. Encryption helps us maintain the confidentiality of digital data, either on computer systems or the internet.

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5. What are the different types of encryption?

There are two types of encryption they are:

  1. Symmetric encryption
  2. Asymmetric encryption

6. What are the key features of Trend Micro?

Below are the key features of Trend Micro:

  • Keylogger protection
  • PC tuning and cleanup
  • Online data backup
  • Remote folder and file control management 
  • Wireless network validation

7. What is encoding?

Encoding is the process of applying a particular code like numbers, symbols, and letters, to the data for converting it into a cypher.

8. What is hashing?

Hashing is a technique that is used to convert a range of key values to a range of array indexes.

9. What is a threat in Trend Micro?

The threat is a malicious attack by an organization or an individual to get unauthorized access from an organization’s or an individual’s network to disrupt, damage, or steal intellectual property, computer networks, IT assets, or other sensitive information.

10. Why do organizations use Trend Micro?

Many organizations are using Trend Micro because it protects:

  1. Networks
  2. Hybrid Cloud
  3. users

11. What is a brute force attack, and does Trend Micro do this attack?

A brute force attack is a method used by hackers to guess the correct login information; Trend Micro uses a defense called progressive delay to defend against this attack; progressive delay locks the device after several unsuccessful attempts to log in.

12. What is a false-positive virus?

False positives are the harmless files or the harmless URLs that are falsely or incorrectly identified as malware by the antivirus program.

13. What is a false-negative virus?

False-negative viruses are files and URLs that are harmful but not detected by any antivirus program.

14. What are the guidelines to follow when you submit spam samples in Trend Micro?

Guideline to follow when you are submitting the spam samples:

  • The spam sample must be in “.eml” or “.msg” format.
  • The spam samples must not be the forwarded mails because they do not contain the original email.

15. What is XSS?

XSS is abbreviated as Cross-site scripting. It is an attack where the attacker executes the malicious scripts within the victim’s website by adding all the malicious codes in the legitimized web application or web page.

Final Thoughts:

With this, we reached the end of the Trend micro interview question and answers blog; we hope you found useful information and stay tuned to this blog for the latest interview questions. All the best and Happy learning.

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