SAP Hybris Interview Questions

SAP Hybris Interview Questions to prepare in 2021

Are you about to give your SAP Hybris interview and looking for the top SAP Hybris interview questions to clear your interview process? Well, you are on the right track! This blog is just designed for you. SAP Hybris is an advanced e-commerce and product content management software that offers a suite of products like commerce, billing service, sales, and marketing to meet ever-growing business requirements.

We have collected these SAP Hybris questions based on the experts’ advice and are suitable for freshers as well as experienced candidates. Thorough preparation of these questions will surely help you in clearing your interview with ease. Let’s get into the frequently asked SAP Hybris interview questions part.

Frequently Asked SAP Hybris Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is Hybris?

Hybris is a fast-growing omnichannel platform used to design and develop your E-Commerce website; Hybris enables its users to control and manage the site content like products, catalog, administrative controls, and content pages.

2. What is SAP Hybris?

SAP Hybris is a family of products from a German company called Hybris. SAP Hybris sells service, e-commerce, sales, product content management, and marketing software. Organizations can cut costs, lessen the complexity and save time using SAP Hybris.

3. List the products of the SAP product family?

Six products of the SAP product family are:

  • Commerce
  • Revenue
  • Marketing
  • Service
  • Sales
  • Hybris as a Service

4. What does Hybris as a Service offer to an organization?

Hybris as a Service offers a set of digital marketing and eCommerce capabilities to enhance the customer experience and generate multi-year roadmaps.

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5. Is it possible to run various Hybris instances in one single machine?

Hybris runs on a tomcat; Hybris is always shipped with a bundled tomcat. So I think the question must be, “is it possible to run multiple tomcats in a single machine”?

And the answer is yes; we can run any number of Hybris we want until the machine’s memory permits. 

6. List the capabilities of SAP Hybris products for eCommerce?

Following are the capabilities of SAP Hybris product for eCommerce:

  • B2C commerce
  • Catalogue Management and product content
  • Fulfillment of Omni-channel
  • Creating contextual experiences  

7. What is the programming language used to develop Hybris?

The programming language used to develop Hybris is java, and Javascript is used for front-end development.

8. List the different components that are under the SAP Hybris promotion module?

Below are the different components that are under the SAP Hybris promotion module:

  • Promotion rule builder
  • Promotion template
  • Promotion contextual message
  • Priority order
  • Coupon code creation and management 

9. How to build a Workflow rule within SAP Hybris?

We have to follow the below step to build a workflow rule within SAP Hybris:

First of all, go to Worklist, and you have to click upon the “new form workflow rules worklist” then you have to enter the following information:

  • You must enter the information to identify the rule inside the worklist.
  • Later, we must select the Business Object- which may be a ticket or opportunity to apply the rule.
  • The next step is to select the timing to apply the rule- there are three types of timings you can apply to the rule they are:
  1. On every save
  2. On create only
  3. Scheduled    

10. What is the default timing that will be applied to your rule when the timing is left blank?

Whenever the timing is left blank, the default timing that will be applied to your rule is “On every save”.

11. Why use the customer service module of SAP Hybris?

The customer service module of SAP Hybris offers a simple and easy way to resolve customer problems. It will help organizations deliver personalized customer service. It also helps to improve the organization’s revenue.

12. List the capabilities that come under SAP Hybris cloud for revenue?

Following are the capabilities that come under SAP Hybris cloud for revenue:

  • Subscription Order Management
  • Revenue in cloud
  • Invoicing 
  • Agile charging
  • Consolidate billing
  • Customer Financial Management
  • Responsive quality control   

13. Is SAP Hybris scalable?

Yes, SAP Hybris is scalable just like any other java based platform because Hybris is a platform of Spring JEE.

14. List Hybris advanced personalization rules?

Following are Hybris advanced personalization rules:

  • Order rules
  • Cart rules
  • Customer rules
  • Website rules

15. How do you start the Hybris server?

We can start the Hybris server by executing the command- “Hybrisserver.bat” within the Hybris platform path.

16. What are the different accelerator-ready stores that are available in Hybris?

The accelerator ready tools that are available in Hybris are:

  • Apparel stores
  • Electronic stores
  • Power tool store

17. What are a few essential hybris suite’s in-built functionalities?

There are four essential hybris suites in-built functionality they are:

  • ANT: we can build applications using ANT.
  • HSQL: HSQL is the default database that is used to save and retrieve the data.
  • TOMCAT: TOMCAT is a default application server that is used to execute the applications.
  • SOLR: SOLR is a power search engine or power search server.

18. What is the use of SAP Hybris BRIM?

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM) offers flexibility, speed, improved integrations, and large volumes of transactions with the current billing systems.

19. What is a promo code/coupon code?

In any online shopping or eCommerce, a promo code or coupon code is a machine-generated code that the customers use to get a discount on their shopping bills.

20. List the types of coupon codes?

There are two types of coupon codes they are:

  1. Single coupon code
  2. Multi coupon code

21. What are the default credentials of the Hybris administration console?

The default credentials of the Hybris administration console are:

Username of the console: admin

The password of the console: Nimda

22. List the various Hybris Modelling techniques?

There are seven different types of Hybris modeling techniques they are:

  • Item types
  • Map types
  • Relational types
  • Items.xml
  • Enum types
  • Collective types
  • Atomic types 

23. What is the use of the Hybris promotion module?

With the SAP Hybris promotion module, we can increase sales. It helps attract new customers because the SAP Hybris Promotion module offers dynamic and flexible promotions with expertise. It also provides different predefined templates to define the set of conditions.

24. What are the components of the SAP Hybris promotion module?

The components of the SAP Hybris promotion module are:

  • Promotion Rule Builder
  • Promotion Template
  • Creating coupon codes and managing them
  • Contextual message promotions
  • Priority Order

25. What are the key features of the Hybris payment module?

Below are a few of the key features of the Hybris payment module:

  • The Hybris payment module will reduce the complexity by allowing us to connect with the various PSPs.
  • Centralized processing is done for all the payments.
  • It provides various payment methods which help customers to pay quickly and easily.
  • Hybris payment module offers a secure gateway between payment channel, customer, and eCommerce site.  

26. Why do organizations prefer the SAP Hybris billing module?

Organizations prefer the SAP Hybris billing module because it offers the customers an automatic ordering process, billing process, and it also manages billing from the cloud.

27. What are the key features of the SAP Hybris billing module?

The key features of the SAP Hybris billing module are:

  • Life cycle management of order and contract.
  • Orchestration of the order.
  • Provides the capabilities like Quote to cast.
  • Billing/Revenue management for a subscription.

28. What is the use of catalog management?

Catalog management provides organizations with particular catalogs to target a specific group of audience. The catalog describes a method to segment stocked products for efficient management and to target particular audiences.

29. List the promotions that the SAP Hybris supports?

SAP Hybris supports the following promotions:

  • Product level promotions
  • Cart level promotions
  • Shipping promotions

30. Can non-eCommerce websites use SAP?

No, SAP is exclusively designed for eCommerce websites; hence non-eCommerce websites cannot use SAP.

Final Thoughts:

Hybris is a large platform that contains several features. We can buy various packages to develop our E-commerce application. Not only for B2B and B2C, but we can also use the Hybris platform for C2C too. Above mentioned SAP Hybris interview questions and answers will surely help you in clearing your interview. All the very best and happy learning!

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