Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interview Questions

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interview Questions

Welcome to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interview Question and answers blog! This blog has been designed to help the freshers as well as experienced candidates who are about to attend their Salesforce marketing cloud interview. Mastering these questions would surely equip you with the right knowledge and confidence to perform well in your next interview. So why late? Let’s get started.

Frequently Asked Salesforce Marketing Interview Cloud Questions and Answers:

1. What do you know about Salesforce marketing cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a CRM tool that offers solutions for digital marketing automation, analytics software, and services. It has been used by organizations ranging from small, medium, and large and provides a suite of integrated solutions for customer journey management, advertising, mobile, Email, web personalization, content creation & management, and data analytics.

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2. How does the Salesforce marketing cloud help organizations to personalize with Intelligence?

Salesforce marketing cloud helps organizations by maintaining interaction and data with Einstein tools and Artificial Intelligence. It allows teams to interpret, listen and answer the customers. The Salesforce marketing cloud also provides customized communication to every customer in a very secure way.

3. How does the Salesforce marketing cloud manage B2B or B2C?

Salesforce marketing cloud manages B2C and B2B by offering efficient digital marketing platforms for customers or businesses to customize every channel, determine every campaign performance, and unify all the data sources.

4. Does the Salesforce marketing cloud help organizations to know their customers better?

Yes, the Salesforce marketing cloud helps organizations know their customers by connecting with various devices and sources. It enables us to activate and capture the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd parties to comprehend the customers and improve their growth by reaching a new audience.

5. List various Salesforce marketing cloud products?

The Salesforce marketing cloud provides various robust and integrated marketing products they are:

  1. Datorama
  2. Pardot
  3. Journey Builder
  4. Social studio
  5. Interaction studio
  6. Email studio
  7. Social studio
  8. Advertising studio
  9. Mobile studio
  10.  Audience studio

6. List the important tasks performed using email studio?

Important things done by email studio are:

  1. Build salutary emails: email studio provides us with the drag-to-drop option, different templates, and personalized scripting language through which the company can create engaging emails.
  2. Automate messages: email studio helps us set up a delivery time, enabling us to send the email to the customers at a fixed time no matter where we are.
  3. Target your audience: email studio helps us target only those interested in our products.

7. What are the different functionalities of Journey Builder?

The four different functionalities of Journey Builder are:

  1. Journey builders will align the messages over marketing channels.
  2. Journey builders define the journey of customers.
  3. They help us to explore distributed marketing.
  4. Journey builders can quickly adapt to the required changes.

8. What is the use of pardot?

Pardot offers the entire B2B marketing automation tools suite to build efficient connections, create extra pipelines, enhance business, and increase leads.

9. What are the different actions provided by pardot?

  • Pardot helps sales teams and businesses to improve leads.
  • Pardot allows organizations to understand the ROI of marketing.
  • We can automate the marketing tasks by using pardot.

10. What are the different actions performed by Data Studio?

Other actions performed by the data studio are:

  • The data studio secures and controls the data.
  • We can find our target audience by using data studio.
  • Data studio helps organizations to improve revenue.

11. What is the use of an interaction studio?

Organizations use interaction studios to visualize, manage and track the consumer experience with the help of real-time interaction management. Interaction studio helps us to get the consumers crucial engagement at the appropriate moment.

12. What is a social studio?

Social studio helps organizations publish, listen, and understand their customers through various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

13. What are the different actions performed by a social studio?

Different actions performed by a social studio are:

  • Social studio helps us to listen and understand what fans and customers want to say about the product.
  • We can constantly monitor social media marketing.
  • We can easily create content for different social media platforms.

14. What is an advertising studio?

The advertising studio helps us to get the user data and display our ADs according to their requirements. Advertising studio integrates Ads with sales, services, and marketing. 

15. Name different Salesforce Community cloud licenses?

The three different Salesforce Community cloud licenses are:

  1. Customer community plus
  2. Customer community
  3. Partner community

16. What is the use of a Customer Community Licence?

Customer community enables the organization’s customers to interact with both organization and the other customers through an online portal. Customer community license is used for the peer-to-peer or customer portal forum.

If millions of users are within a community, then a Customer Community Licence is the best choice.

17. What partner community license?

Partner community license provides Organisation’s brokers, distributors, and resellers with restricted access to your Salesforce to get leads and work on leads with the sales team.

Partner Community License is used to create personalized applications for customers who do not need a complete salesforce license.

18. Do nonprofits use Salesforce?

As nonprofits work to solve some of the complex problems we face, many nonprofits use Salesforce for operations like program management, constituting engagement, and fundraising. Of course, not all nonprofits need to be using Salesforce, but most of them use it to make their operations successful and easy.

19. List the benefits of using the salesforce community cloud?

Below mentioned are the core advantages of Salesforce community cloud:

  • Accelerates development process
  • Cost effective
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to integrate
  • Streamlined communication process

20. What are the steps to enable the Marketing cloud within Salesforce?

We can easily enable the Marketing cloud within Salesforce by following these steps:

  1. The first step is to go to the ‘setup.’
  2. After clicking the ‘setup’ option, you will find the ‘Manage App’ option on it.
  3. Choose the “Connected Apps” option and then select the “Salesforce Marketing Cloud” option.
  4. In the final step, you can set your permission for users by the option named “Manage Permission Sets.” 

21. List the various content blocks you can find in Marketing cloud’s content builder?

The six different content blocks you can find in marketing cloud’s content builder are:

  1. Freeform
  2. Dynamic content blocks
  3. HTML
  4. Button
  5. Text
  6. Image

22. What is a sender profile?

A sender profile defines the data displayed on the recipient inbox and drives it where info will be sent if they click on the reply button. Simply, a sender profile information like “From email Address” and “From Name” within a central location.

23. What is a delivery profile?

As the name suggests, delivery profiles define the delivery date for a message within a central location. Therefore, we can override this delivery profile upon the send classification when introducing the send classification within a message interaction.

24. List various Email sending options within SFMC?

The three different Email sending options within SFMC are:

  1. Triggered Email send
  2. Single Email send
  3. User-initiated send 

25. What is Dynamic mail?

Dynamic mail enables us to do many activities in Gmail. It allows users to do multiple tasks in the same tab and do any number of actions required.

26. What are the ways to select a winner in A/B Testing?

There are two different ways to select a winner in A/B Testing:

  1. Highest unique CTR.
  2. Highest unique open rate.

27. List various data sources for Journey Builder?

The five different data sources for Journey Builder are:

  1. API
  2. Data Extension
  3. Events
  4. Salesforce Data
  5. Lists 

28. What are the different wait controls in the Journey Builder?

The three various wait controls in the Journey Builder are:

  1. Wait by attribute: waits till the specified date and time are reached.
  2. Wait by duration: delays till the specified hours.
  3. Wait Until Date: waits till a particular end time and Date.

29. What are the options available when customers want to re-enter a Journey?

Three options can be chosen by the customers when they want to re-enter a Journey:

  1. Re-entry after exiting.
  2. No re-entry
  3. Re-entry anytime

30. List the activities of the Automation studio?

The four essential activities of an automation studio are:

  1. Wait Activity
  2. Send Email Activity
  3. Data Extract Activity
  4. SQL Query Activity

Final Thoughts:

Finally we have arrived at the end of this Salesforce Marketing Cloud interview question and answers. We regularly update this blog with the latest interview questions asked in the interviews, so stay tuned!

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