Cylance Interview Questions

Cylance Interview Questions to prepare in 2021

Welcome to Cylance interview questions and answers blog! Cylance is an American-based company that develops Antivirus and other sorts of computer programmes that prevent virus attacks, malware, malicious websites, and hackers.

In February 2019, BlueBerry limited acquired this company; the primary goal of this company is to block computer malware and viruses before they affect your machine. Here we have gathered frequently asked Cylance interview questions and answers.

Frequently Asked Cylance Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is Cylance Protect?

Cylance is antivirus protection that prevents hackers, malware, and viruses. It proactively protects your device before the malware affects it.

2. Is Cylance better than many other AV solutions? Why?

Yes, Cylance is better than many other AV solutions because the Cylance heavy computational lifting is done in the cloud. Hence it uses minimal CPU and RAM; this makes Cylance better.

Because of this feature, gamers and the intensive process can be done on Cylance very quickly.

3. What is Unobtrusive protection?

Unobtrusive protection is one of the features of the Cylance, which make sure there are no unnecessary Ads and alerts pop up on your device.

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4. How does Cylance work?

Cylance uses Artificial intelligence to power the malware scanner in it. This scanner is also cloud-based, which means it uses very much fewer resources when compared to other antiviruses we install on your computer.

5. List Cylance protection solutions?

Below are the five Cylance protection solutions:

  • Zero-day threat protection
  • Artificial intelligence malware protection
  • Memory exploitation discovery and protection
  • Device policy implementation and application management.
  • Low-performance influence on the endpoint.    

6. What is ScriptControl in CylanceProtect?

ScriptControl is one of the main features in CylanceProtect, which means the security teams get complete control over the scripts, like when, where, and how the scripts are running. This helps to eliminate the risk of malicious script execution on the company network.

7. What do you know about ransomware attacks?

Ransomware is software that locks your computer, and then the attacker demands the ransom to release it. Ransomware affects your computer by first gaining access to the device, and then it attacks either individual files or the entire operating system.

8. Why is Cylance so popular?

Below are the reasons why Cylance is so popular:

  • Cylace uses trained Artificial intelligence to detect threats.
  • Cylance will react to the threats when they occur, unlike any other antivirus that scans for the threats.
  • Cylance will quarantine the threat files and allow us to review the threats on your computer.    

9. Do you know the competitors of Cylance?

Cylance competitors are:

  • Absolute software
  • SparkCognition
  • Carbon black
  • FireEye
  • Sophos
  • CrowdStrike 

10. What are the features of CylanceOPTICS?

Below are the features of CylanceOPTICS:

  • Zero-latency threat detection.
  • Fast installation and development.
  • Automated threat discovery and prevention.
  • Syslog integration.
  • Remote forensic data collection.

Final Thoughts:

As Cylance is rapidly growing because of its AI protection and functionalities, career opportunities are also increasing in this field. We are going to add more questions to this blog. Hope you have found this blog useful.

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