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Top 13 CyberArk Features for Better Security

CyberArk is a leading provider of data protection and compliance solutions. With their advanced tools, any business can be more confident that they comply with industry regulations for protecting confidential information. This blog post will discuss the top 13 features from CyberArk that every organization needs to know! So let’s get started!

Following are the features that we are going to Cover in this tutorial:

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a suite of security products that includes Anti-Phishing and Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response. ATP allows enterprises to stay ahead of targeted attacks, stop breaches before they happen, and resolve issues faster than ever by providing unified visibility into all aspects of an attack throughout the enterprise environment. With this solution, CyberArk helps organizations protect against advanced attacks targeting sensitive data.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

CyberArk works in such a way to ensure your data is safe and secure. The PCI DSS confirms that all companies who accept, transmit or store credit card information so that CyberArk can maintain a secure environment throughout their organization. CyberArk’s solution helps organizations worldwide comply with the PCI-DSS standard.

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Industrial Control Systems Security (ICS)

Industrial Control Systems Security (I.C.S.) provides critical infrastructure protection from cyber threats and secures DevOps without disrupting the speed of business. CyberArk’s solution enables ICS/SCADA network security by protecting a company’s control networks, preventing data leakage that may lead to disruptions or damage within an industrial environment.

IT Audit and Reporting

This solution provides a platform for developing and maintaining compliance to auditing standards such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. This helps ensure that organizations align with all regulations, take action when needed, and ensure their security posture improves.

Secure Credential Management (SCM)

CyberArk’s Secure Credential Management (SCM) solution helps organizations manage who has access to what resources, when, and how. SCM enables cyber security professionals worldwide to protect against insider threats by minimizing the risk of compromised credentials impacting their business. SCAM also allows administrators to see where users log in from (including user location) for enhanced threat detection capabilities.

IT Audit and Reporting

For IT audit and reporting on privileged accounts, CyberArk can retrieve a list of all user sessions with their corresponding privileges. It also provides the ability to see if a session is active or idle and its duration, which helps determine how much time is spent in each privilege domain. This allows for quick discovery of suspicious behavior, such as long periods in the “sudo” privilege domain, which might indicate an attacker is trying to escalate privileges.

Administrative Privileges

CyberArk allows you to identify and manage privileged accounts that do not have a business need for elevated access as well as those that can be deactivated until needed again. This capability helps secure your environment by preventing the use of privileged accounts that are not needed for regular operations, such as service or helpdesk accounts.

Privileged Password Management

IT organizations need to ensure they have proper management and control over how passwords for administrative domain credentials (i.e., root password) are shared throughout an organization to comply with industry requirements like NIST SP 800-53. CyberArk can help by centrally managing and monitoring who has access to privileged account passwords, including the ability to revoke a user’s right to retrieve or manage them at any time.

Confidential File Security

Implementing CyberArk’s solution provides you with the ability to protect your sensitive data. The solution helps organizations ensure that only authorized users can access confidential files both inside and outside their network, making it ideal for multi-national enterprises or customers looking to secure file sharing applications like Box and Dropbox.

Remote Vendor Access Security

Remote Vendor Access Security (RVAS) is a powerful solution that helps enterprises quickly and easily establish secure connections to remote vendors, partners, or customers. CyberArk works in such a way to ensure your data is safe and secure. RVAS keeps all sensitive information behind the firewall where it belongs with support for multiple levels of security controls with detailed audit logs.

Remote Administrator Security

Secure remote access is one of the biggest challenges that many organizations face today. Yet, it’s also a necessity if you want to increase productivity and efficiency for internal teams and trusted business partners. CyberArk offers Remote Administration Security (RAS) which helps solve this challenge by offering advanced authentication capabilities, such as multi-factor authentication and PAM (Privileged Access Management), to ensure only authorized users can access privileged accounts.

Advanced Privilege Management

A key challenge every security team faces is knowing who can perform specific tasks in an environment and then control that activity. CyberArk’s Advanced Privileged Account Management (APAM) solution provides the visibility and control to help meet this challenge. With APAM, you can:

  • Identify and track privileged accounts across your environment.
  • Ensure only authorized users have access to sensitive systems.
  • Prioritize critical assets through centralization of privilege management activities with a single console for prioritizing risk and mitigating breaches.

Privileged Threat Analytics and Detection

CyberArk offers Privileged Threat Analytics (PTA) which allows organizations to detect, prioritize and respond to internal threats by correlating events from across the network. PTA has real-time visibility into all privileged accounts within an organization that is correlated with corporate-wide security event data allowing you to detect and respond to even the most advanced attacks.


CyberArk is an excellent source for staying secure and in compliance with different security standards. With the ability to monitor everything happening within your organization’s network at all times, CyberArk helps organizations protect against advanced attacks targeting sensitive data. 

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