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Kickstart your career and become a part of advanced technology by joining experts designed SAS training and certification course. Our SAS Certified trainer will teach you all the concepts right from the basics and makes you fundamentally strong. In this SAS course, you are going to master the essential concepts such as SAS macros, SAS programming, PROC SQL, Machine Learning, decision trees, statistical analysis, SAS code, work with databases, advanced analytics techniques and much more using real-time use cases and examples.  During this course, you will be working with two real-time SAS projects and also prepared for clearing the SAS Certified Base Programmer certification exam.

Why should You Learn SAS?

Why CourseDrill?

CourseDrill is a leading online SAS software training provider with world-class industry experts as it’s trainers. We have been the first choice for many SAS aspirants over the past 8 years and till today we have successfully trained 12000+ aspirants on this tool across the globe. Our unique features like certified SAS trainers, cutting-edge course curriculum design, practical teaching methodology, SAS placement assistance, world-class support system, etc., have made us the best SAS training providers in the market. Get into the high paying profession by joining CourseDrill Splunk Course.

SAS Training Details:

At CourseDrill we have designed this SAS certification course with an aim to match the learning requirements of beginners as well as experienced candidates. In this SAS  e-learning program, you will gain mastery in using various tools, and techniques to become a successful Analytics professional. This base SAS certification program gives you hands-on experience in data analytics, data mining, visualization of data, data modelling techniques, predictive analytics, and much more with real-time examples. This SAS online course will also help you prepare for clearing the below SAS certifications.

    • SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9
    • SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS

In spite of delivering you the best sas e learning training online, you will also get many other extra learning resources which include, advanced material for SAS interview questions, free recorded SAS training videos, resume preparation, SAS training material, and also access to the valuable SAS tutorials.

In this SAS programming course, you will gain expertise in the below areas:

    • Understand the SAS environment
    • Logical statements, functions and operators
    • SAS enterprise guide
    • SAS graphs and summary reports
    • Integrating and refining datasets
    • Advanced statistical techniques
    • MACROS automation on complex and redundant data sets. 
    • SQL queries implementation in SAS program
    • Advanced SAS and Base SAS
    • SAS Certified Base Programmer certification preparation.

Nowadays data has become one of the important assets of the organizations. It has become so popular because of the value that it holds. SAS is the major analytics tool used by organizations across the globe in-order to leverage the benefits of data analytics. All types of companies across the globe are offering employment opportunities to skilled SAS candidates.  Our SAS training online will make you expert in SAS programming and equip you with real-world skills.

It becomes an added advantage if you are familiar with the programming experience and knowledge of basic concepts such as flow-control, variables, functions and basic knowledge of Statistics. Even if you don’t have any prior experience don’t worry! Our expert trainer covers all the concepts from the basics to advanced.

Yes, we offer customized SAS corporate training to cater to the unique needs of organizations and help them in transforming their workforce with the latest advanced skills. Our certified trainers will design and deliver course content that fits your unique learning needs.

Quality never comes cheap! This is a universal fact, but intending to deliver high-quality SAS online training and certification to all, we offer this course at a very affordable cost. You can get complete cost details by calling or doing WhatsApp at +91-93473 84580 or write to us at

SAS stands for Statistical Analytical Software and developed by SAS institute.  The SAS software is mainly used for data management, a criminal investigation, multivariate analysis, business intelligence and predictive analytics. SAS allows you to extract & divide data which helps you to identify the patterns in data. Moreover, SAS is highly flexible and can be run on any platform. SAS learning would present you with diversified career opportunities along with a great scope. The unique capabilities of the SAS platform in handling and analyzing huge volumes of data have made it as a number one tool in the Analytics segment.

SAS Course Content:

With an aim to deliver the best in class and industry-oriented SAS clinical training to the learners, we follow experts designed SAS course content. All these SAS modules are designed to match the real-world industry needs. Following are the SAS syllabus modules we are going to cover during this SAS online training.

Objective: This module has been designed to teach the process to use the SAS programs and SAS environment with specifications of data and proc steps. You will also master the process to install SAS university edition on your computer.


    • Areas where SAS is used
    • SAS university edition installation
    • Rules to define the SAS name
    • Overview of SAS window, SAS GUI, and its associated topics.
    • Data types in SAS
    • SAS Datasets
    • Procedural step and Data step
    • Creation of instream SAS dataset
    • Analysing Program Data Vector (PDV) and Input Buffer.

Learning Outcome: By the completion of this module you will gain hands-on experience in data conversion, nuts and bolts of SAS programming, and creation of datasets using CARDS.

Objective: This module has been designed to teach you the process to import and control datasets into SAS and procedure to concatenate them.


    • Data importing into SAS
    • Datasets modification
    • Working with permanent as well as temporary datasets
    • Creation of a variable
    • Merging statements

Learning objective: Upon finishing this module you will learn how to import external data using INFILE, a process to use PROC IMPORT, performing various tasks such as KEEP, DROP RENAME, new variable construction, etc.

Objective: This module will teach you the concept of looping and its role in the SAS programming language. You will also learn how arrays are used in SAS.


    • Conditional Iterative Processing
    • Useful SAS Functions
    • SAS Arrays
    • Date/Time Functions
    • PUT/INPUT Functions
    • Character Functions
    • Numeric Functions

Learning Outcome: After finishing this module you will gain hands-on experience in using arrays, statements, INPUT/PUT functions, writing programs with date/time functions, and using character functions.

Objective: This module has been designed to teach concepts such as Statistical Procedures, define statistical data, the correlation between two or more variables.


    • Proc Dataset
    • Proc Sort
    • Proc Format
    • Proc Means
    • Proc Surveyselect
    • Proc Freq
    • Proc Summary
    • Proc Transpose
    • Proc Corr
    • Proc Rank
    • Proc Univariate

Learning outcome: You will gain hands-on experience in the process to obtain statistical means of variable, degree of dependency, generating ranks for statistical data, data restructuring, and data sampling.

Objective: This course has been designed to teach how to classify even based on dependent variables and you will also be taught to perform various types of clustering methodologies in SAS.


    • Introduction to Clustering
    • Multiple regression analysis
    • Sample regression
    • Hierarchical Clustering
    • Non-Hierarchical clustering
    • Logistic Regression

Learning Outcome: You will gain hands-on experience in using the PROC CLUSTER, PROC FASTCLUS, using PROC LOGISTIC, etc.

Objective: This module has been designed to teach you the process to minimize the degree of complexity of a problem by using optimization models in SAS, and producing detailed output from SAS in desired formats.


  • Introduction to data optimization
  • Various data optimization models available
  • The process to use Proc Optmodel
  • Introduction to ODS
  • Resolving Rosenbrock Problem
  • Benefits of using ODS
  • Generating pdf file
  • Generating rtf file
  • Generating doc file
  • Generating HTML file

Learning Outcome: You will gain hands-on experience in using PROC OPTMODEL, Extracting optimized outputs, Solving optimization models, routing presentation files, Create HTML files, Create rtf file and creation of Doc and PDF files.

Learning Objective: This module has been designed to teach you the process to invoke SQL in SAS.


    • Creating new tables
    • Sorting Data
    • The CASE expression
    • The SELECT statement
    • JOINS and UNIONS
    • SELECT statement clauses

Learning Outcome: In this chapter, you will gain hands-on exposure in the areas such as Writing the SELECT clause, Merging Datasets,  WHERE clause application, process to use order by clause and merging datasets.

Learning objective: This module has been designed to teach you the process to automate repeated as well as complex processes in SAS by using Macros.


    • Introduction to Macros
    • Task automation
    • Advantages of using  SAS Macros
    • Macro Variables
    • Macro Code Constituents
    • Macro Step
    • Positional Parameters to Macros

Learning Outcome: You will gain hands-on experience in using Macros, simplifying a program, performing macro coding, etc.

Modes of Training

Self-Paced Learning
Online Instructor LED
Corporate Solutions

SAS Certification

This SAS Certification training course will help you in clearing the SAS Certified Base Programmer exam. Qualifying the SAS certification demonstrates that you have acquired all the skills to handle complex data types and SAS programming tasks.

Apart from providing complete assistance in clearing your certification exam, you will also receive a SAS course completion certificate from CourseDrill at the end of the course. This certification demonstrates you as a well-trained candidate and valid across all the top MNCs.

SAS Projects

With an aim to deliver practical SAS online training we have included two live projects in this training program. Our expert trainers will help you implement real-time live projects during this SAS training which gives you hands-on exposure.

FAQs On SAS Training

With an aim to make the learning process simple and flexible, CourseDrill offers two different modes of training which are Instructor-led training and Self-paced training. Apart from this CourseDrill also offers corporate training to the organizations across the world for updating their workforce on the latest technologies. 

Yes, upon the successful completion of the course you will get all the assistance required to get into your dream job from our placement department. CourseDrill has partnered with 1000+ companies all around the globe and we share your resume with all these companies for exposing you to the right opportunities. Apart from this, you will also receive extra benefits from the expert team which includes interview preparation, resume building, etc.

At CourseDrill we follow a practical approach in designing all the online courses.  Each course consists of two latest and easy to understand projects. Working with projects during the training period will help you apply your theoretical knowledge into real-time applications. This process enhances your knowledge and skill-set to handle real-world projects.

Yes, absolutely. With an aim to provide the financial flexibility to the learners, CourseDrill offers two instalment options. When you sign up for the course you are requested to pay half of the course fee and remaining amount you can pay when half of the course finishes.

Yes! With an aim to eliminate the time barrier for learning we have created high-quality self-paced SAS training videos. You can learn SAS whenever you find free time and if you come across any doubts or questions our live support system will help you in resolving them.

Yes, CourseDrill offers you an option to attend the demo. If you are not satisfied with a trainer we will arrange a demo with another SAS trainer.

No! Our job assistance program has been designed only to help you with the potential job opportunities that suit your profile. The hiring process completely depends on your performance during the interview and companies requirements.

Yes, each course offered by CourseDrill is associated with some specific discounts. When you make an enquiry for a course our coordinator will explain to you with a complete course fee structure along with discounts.

Yes! At CourseDrill, you will get a basic SAS free course to gain in-depth knowledge of fundamental areas. Through this free SAS course, you will gain basic skills and which makes your SAS advanced learning process easier.

Yes, absolutely! SAS analytics training has been designed to help beginners with the right training and placement assistance.


Kim Fenton
Kim Fenton
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Instructor has good technical knowledge and she provided satisfactory answers to questions asked by the candidates. SAS Course content and video quality is good.
Sreedevi Pericherla
Sreedevi Pericherla
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Excellent trainer. Each and every module explanation was like spoon feeding. I think CourseDrill is the best institute in SAS courses.
Rohit Bindroo
Rohit Bindroo
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Instructor is very Good and their SAS training content is very helpful and effective thanks to the CourseDrill team.
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