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Power BI Online Training

Build your future in the career of tomorrow by enrolling into CourseDrill’s Power BI training program. Our expert Power BI real-time trainer will simplify your learning process by covering all the concepts right from the basics to advanced level. In this Power BI online course, you will learn about Power BI Architecture, Power BI Desktop, Power BI Content Packs, Power BI Q&A, Power BI integrations, Power BI custom visuals, Reports, Dashboards and much more. As a part of the training, you will be working with live data visualization and analytics projects. Be among the top business analytics professionals by joining into our Microsoft Power BI certification course. We make sure that you are going to receive the best Power BI course learning experience.

Why should You Learn Power BI?

Why CourseDrill?

Trainer and course content are two essential points to deliver the right training. We have a large base of Power BI certified experts who are passionate about teaching and sharing their knowledge with the world. We always update our Power BI training content to match industry requirements. Our practical approach in delivering the Power BI course will definitely make you an expert data professional. We assure you that we are going to deliver you the best power bi course with a world-class learning experience.

Microsoft Power BI Training Details:

CourseDrill offers you comprehensive Microsoft Power BI Online Training in which you will gain a complete understanding of Power BI Desktop and the process to use it with Power Pivot. You will also be introduced to the Power BI Q&A, which helps you in using Natural Language for data visualization.  Upon the successful completion of this Power BI certification training, you will be able to use multiple sources of data and transform them into interactive, visually appealing, charts, reports and graphs. We assure you that you are going to receive the best Power Bi  Desktop training by joining hands with us.

This Microsoft Power BI training will help you become an industry demanded data visualization expert and make you job-ready by equipping you with the right skills. Following are the skills that you are going to get through this course:

    • In-depth knowledge of Power BI and how it solves real-world business problems
    • Gain complete knowledge of Power BI Desktop, Power BI Apps and Power BI Services. 
    • Use a database or excel spreadsheets to visualize and analyze data 
    • Use the business information to create, collaborate and gain business insights using built-in dashboards. 
    • Create compelling reports and visualizations
    • Learn about Power View, Power Pivot, and  
    • Learn to use Azure SQL Database, SQL server analysis tabular data, and Salesforce data. 
    • Understand the process to deploy content packs 
    • Understand DAX and SSBI
    • Prepared for clearing the Microsoft Power BI certification exam

Following are the professionals who get benefited from learning this Power BI course:

    • Business Analysts
    • Statisticians and Analysts
    • Business Intelligence Manager
    • Project Manager
    • Data Scientists
    • Statisticians 
    • Marketing, finance, sales professionals who work closely work with data.

There is no mandatory technical knowledge required to learn Microsoft Power BI. But having a fundamental knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Python is an added advantage. To ease up your learning process our trainer will also cover all the concepts from the basics.

After completing this Microsoft business intelligence training program you will have a wide range of career opportunities which include, product managers, data scientists, and business analysts. Due to increased demand for the data and need to extract the insights residing in data have created huge career opportunities for certified Power BI professionals.

Yes, by keeping the learning needs of the experienced professionals in mind we also offer Power BI advanced training.

Power BI Certification cost is $165 USD, by paying this amount you can register for taking this certification exam.

Yes, we offer customized Power BI corporate training to cater to the unique needs of organizations and help them in transforming their workforce with the latest advanced skills. Our certified trainers will design and deliver course content that fits your unique learning needs.

Quality never comes cheap! This is a universal fact, but intending to deliver high-quality Power BI online training and certification to all, we offer this course at a very affordable cost. You can get complete cost details by calling or doing WhatsApp at +91-93473 84580 or write to us at info@coursedrill.com.

Power BI is a product of Microsoft that consists of a suite of software services, apps and connectors. All these Power BI services work together to transform unrelated and unstructured data into visually immersive and interactive visualizations. Microsoft Power BI has become a unified, scalable platform for all business intelligence needs.

Power BI comes with a good number of built-in tools that allow the organizations to turn the big data into an easy to understand format and help you with the right insights. Its powerful capabilities allow you to connect with varied sources of data and turn them into a compelling story. Power BI helps you in taking the right decision by providing accurate insights.

Power BI Course Content:

With an ambition to equip the learners with industry demanded analytics and data visualization skills we have developed this Power BI course content with a team of industry experts. This Power BI syllabus modules covers end to end concepts and make you job-ready.

Learning Objective: Power BI is a set of services and applications that work in combination to turn unrelated, raw data into easy to understand visualizations. This module will give you an overview of the Power BI tool.


    • Introduction to Power BI tool 
    • Desktop Applications 
    • Features of Power BI workflow 
    • Data sourcing from web 
    • BI service, and file data sources
    • Publishing to Cloud 
    • Data Visualization 
    • DAX data computation,
    • Data drill-down and drill-up
    • creating columns and measures
    • Filter context, and Row context 
    •  Power Q & A 
    • Creation of column relationships 
    • Essential Power BI components like Power Map, view, Pivot, Query
    • Advanced visualization concepts

Learning Outcome:  You will gain hands-on exposure in sourcing data from various sources, building a Power BI dashboard, Power BI tabs creation, etc.

Learning Objective:  Data extraction is a process to connect with a wide range of sources to get the desired data. This module will teach you the various strategies available in Power BI for data extraction.


    • Introduction to Self-service ETL functionalities 
    • Fundamentals of Power Query 
    • Overview of Data Mashup 
    • Power BI Personal Gateway,
    • Working with Excel data, 
    • Data extraction from files 
    • SaaS functionalities of Power BI.
    • connect to Analysis Services 
    • Working with Azure SQL database 
    •  Folders and databases

Learning Outcome: You will gain practical knowledge in performing various tasks which include connecting to a database, connect to a SQL Server, Import data from an Excel file, connect to Hadoop, and learn to extract data from all other resources.

Learning objective: Power query is a data preparation engine that comes with a graphical interface which helps in sourcing data. This module will help you learn the role of Power Query in Power BI and its components.


    • Power BI installation 
    • Power BI configuration
    • Introduction to Power Query 
    • Adding and filling columns 
    • Data Transformation 
    • Transpose table,  column formatting, splitting, appending, formatting data. 
    • Relational operators and Pivot & UnPivot 
    • Working with M functions
    • Advanced data transformations
    • Error handling and writing custom functions
    • Index and Conditional Columns

Learning Outcome: Upon the completion of this Power Bi module you will gain hands-on experience in installing Power BI Desktop & setting up, write a power query, working with a query editor, and Transpose a table.

Learning Objective: Power Pivot is an in-memory data modelling component that gives you a high-speed calculation and aggregation and also provides highly compressed data storage. This module will teach you the working style of Power Pivot and its components.


    • Overview of Power Pivot 
    • Working xVelocity engine 
    • Benefits of Power Pivot 
    • Data Analysis Expressions strongly typed datasets, 
    • Different Pivot relationships and versions
    • Measures, Calculated Members, Context Interactions, 
  • Filter & Evaluation Context, Schema Relations, 
    • Time Intelligence Functions,
    •  ranking and rank over groups
    • Cumulative Charts, Calculated Tables,
    • Advanced functionalities of Power Pivot 
    • embedding Power Pivot in Power BI Desktop.

Learning Outcome: You will gain hands-on experience in creating a Powerpivot,  Working with various Filters, Creating DAX queries, Embed  Power Pivot in Power BI Desktop, advanced Pivot functionalities.

Learning Objective: This module will give you a complete glance of Data visualization and data analytics in Power BI and explain to you how they are helpful in finding the patterns in data and making valuable business decisions.


    • Get in-depth knowledge of Power BI data visualization 
    • Power BI Desktop visualization, 
    • Understanding Power View and Power Map,
    • Visualization interaction,
    • Formatting and customizing visuals, 
    • Process to deploy Power View on SharePoint and Excel, 
    • Comparison between volume and value-based analytics 
    • Using Power view to sort, filter and categorize. 
    • Working with power View to develop reports, charts and other rich formats. 
    • Top-down and bottom-up analytics,
    • Authenticate a Power BI web application
    • Customizing a visualization 
    • Embedding dashboards in applications

Learning Outcome: This module you will gain hands-on experience in the creation of Power Map and Power View,  Implement top-down and bottom-up analytics,  Deploy Power View on SharePoint and Excel, Reports creation, customizing reports,  use business hierarchies, Use date hierarchies, and resolving issues associated with hierarchy.

Learning Objective: Power Q & A is an advanced feature in Power BI which enables us to get prompt answers for the questions asked using natural language. Following are the different concepts that you are going to get through this Power Q & A module.


    • Introduction to Power Q & A 
    • Role of Natural Language in Power BI 
    • Proces to answer tough queries with Natural Language 
    • Ad hoc analytics building,
    • data discovery methodologies,
    • Building answers in the form of graphs and charts

Learning Outcome: Upon the completion of this module, you will learn to write answers to the queries using Natural language, providing answers in the form of charts, graphs etc.

Learning objective: This module has been designed to teach you the fundamentals of Power BI Desktop and Administration.


    • Introduction to Power BI Desktop 
    • Power Query working process in  Power BI Desktop environment 
    • Data aggregation from various sources 
    • Understanding data relationships and data modelling
    • Scheduling data refresh and deploying data gateways
    • Working with calculated measures,
    • Datasets, reports and dashboards,
    • Managing groups and row-level security, 
    • Power Pivot on Power BI Desktop ecosystem,
    • Power View on Power BI Desktop,
    • Mastering data visualization,
    • Working with real-world case studies.

Learning Outcome: Upon the completion of this module, you will learn to configure security for dashboard, process to get the data from various sources, Manage groups and row-level security, reports and dashboards, and working with calculated measures.

Modes of Training

Self-Paced Learning
Online Instructor LED
Corporate Solutions

Power BI Certification: EXAM DA - 100

Qualifying Power BI certification demonstrates that you have got all the skills to handle multiple types of data and bring the insights out of raw data by employing capabilities of Power BI tool. This Power BI certification: Exam DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI has been designed to validate the knowledge of the candidates in the areas such as data preparation, data analysis, data visualization, data modelling, data deliverables and deployment. 

This Power Bi certification is available in multiple languages such as English, Koren, Chinese and Japanese. Power BI Certification cost is $165 USD, by paying this amount you can register for taking this certification exam.

Apart from providing you with the best power bi course we also help you in clearing your Power BI certification with the right mentorship and the right material. Moreover, you will also get a Power BI course completion certificate from the CourseDrill. This certificate is well recognizable across all the all top MNCs and demonstrates that you are a well-trained candidate to handle real-time Power BI Tasks.

Power BI Projects

With an aim to deliver practical Power BI training we have included two live projects in this training program. Our expert trainers will help you implement real-time live projects during the training which gives you hands-on exposure.

FAQs On Power BI Training

With an aim to make the learning process simple and flexible, CourseDrill offers two different modes of training which are Instructor-led training and Self-paced training. Apart from this CourseDrill also offers corporate training to the organizations across the world for updating their workforce on the latest technologies. 

Yes, upon the successful completion of the course you will get all the assistance required to get into your dream job from our placement department. CourseDrill has partnered with 1000+ companies all around the globe and we share your resume with all these companies for exposing you to the right opportunities. Apart from this, you will also receive extra benefits from the expert team which includes interview preparation, resume building, etc.

At CourseDrill we follow a practical approach in designing all the online courses.  Each course consists of two latest and easy to understand projects. Working with projects during the training period will help you apply your theoretical knowledge into real-time applications. This process enhances your knowledge and skill-set to handle real-world projects.

Yes, absolutely. With an aim to provide the financial flexibility to the learners, CourseDrill offers two instalment options. When you sign up for the course you are requested to pay half of the course fee and remaining amount you can pay when half of the course finishes.

Yes! With an aim to eliminate the time barrier for learning we have created high-quality self-paced Power BI training videos. You can learn Power BI whenever you find free time and if you come across any doubts or questions our live support system will help you in resolving them.

Yes, CourseDrill offers you an option to attend the demo. If you are not satisfied with a trainer we will arrange a demo with another Power BI trainer.

No! Our job assistance program has been designed only to help you with the potential job opportunities that suit your profile. The hiring process completely depends on your performance during the interview and companies requirements.

Yes, each course offered by CourseDrill is associated with some specific discounts. When you make an enquiry for a course our coordinator will explain to you with a complete course fee structure along with discounts.

Yes, It may seem a bit difficult for you in the beginning but our course delivery model and teaching methodology will help you learn Power BI very easily.

To deliver flexible and convenient Power BI classes to the aspirants we offer different timings and options. One can join the Power BI class that is more convenient for him/her.

CourseDrill offers three types of Power BI training course which are:

    • Power BI Interactive live sessions 
    • Power BI self-paced videos 
    • Power BI corporate training


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Simple, smooth and quick course. I would surely recommend CourseDrill if you want to learn Power BI within a short period.
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I liked this course! This course is simple and helped me learn the entire module easily. Thanks to the trainer and support team.
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