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HL7 Online Training

Become an HL7 expert and gain all the fundamental skills to exchange health information between various health providers by joining our HL7 training. Our HL7 certified trainer will help you become a master in exchange, sharing, and integrating health information. In this HL7 Course, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the areas such as HL7 Development Framework, Healthcare Messaging Standards, Building Blocks, Mirth Integration Engine, Mirth Connect, Basic Programming, Conformance & Specification, FHIR, MU, CCD, and a lot more. Working with real-time projects during the training gives you complete real-time knowledge of the HL7 platform. Learn from the industry top minds by joining our HL7 certification course.

Why should You Learn HL7?

Why CourseDrill?

CourseDrill is a leading IT training and certification provider with world-class industry experts as its trainers. We have been the first choice for many HL7 aspirants over the past four years, and till today we have successfully trained 1000+ candidates on this platform across the globe, and the number is still counting. Our unique features like real-time experienced instructors, cutting-edge course curriculum design, practical teaching approach, placement assistance, world-class support system, etc., have made us the best HL7 training & certification providers in the market. Enquire now!

HL7 Online Training Details:

CourseDrill offers you comprehensive industry-oriented HL7 online training to equip the candidates with the right and industry demanded skills. By the end of this HL7 interface training program, the participants will gain familiarity in using SL7 standards to manage and share Electronic Health Records.

Despite delivering you the best HL7 training & certification, you will also get access to many other extra learning resources, including advanced material for HL7 interview questions, free recorded HL7 training videos, resume preparation, and access to the valuable HL7 Tutorials. Enquire now to know more about this HL7 FHIR training online program.

Upon the successful completion of this HL7 certification course you will gain complete knowledge of the below areas:

    • Healthcare Messaging Standards
    • HL7 Development Framework
    • Clinical Statement and Templates
    • Clinical Document Architecture
    • HL7 Building Blocks
    • Concepts and Principles
    • Networking
    • Mirth Integration Engine
    • XML – E4X
    • Mirth Connect Transformers
    • Basic Programming (JS)
    • Conformance & Specification
    •  CCD, FHIR, MU

There are no mandatory prerequisites to join these hl7 training courses. Anyone who is interested in learning HL7 can join this course.

    • HL7 programmers
    • Interface developers
    • Implementers
    • IT people who work for Healthcare domains
    • Candidates who wish to shift their domain
    •  Freshers and IT professionals

Quality never comes cheap! This is a universal fact, but with an aim to deliver high-quality HL7 certification training to all, we offer this course at a very affordable cost. You can get quick details by calling or using WhatsApp at +91-9347384580 or write to us at info@coursedrill.com.

Yes, we offer customized HL7 corporate training to cater to organizations’ unique learning needs and help them transform their workforce with the latest Electronic Health Record (EHR) management skills. Our certified trainers will design and deliver course content that fits your unique project requirements.

HL7 stands for Health Level Seven, and this framework consists of a set of standards and rules that governs the exchange of clinical and administrative information.  A Health Level Seven International laid down the HL7 standards. This non-profit organization has built a comprehensive framework for integrating, exchanging, and retrieving electronic health information.

HL7 Standards streamlines the process for the healthcare provider to integrate modern healthcare services to advancing IT systems. It eliminates the headache of maintaining physical healthcare documents and digitalizes information accessible by the right people at the right time.

HL7 Course Content:

At CourseDrill, the HL7 course curriculum has been designed by the subject matter experts and updated regularly to provide you with new industry skills. We will cover all the concepts like HL7 design, message formatting rules, trigger concepts, acknowledgment rules,  table translation issues, identifiers, data types, and a lot more.


    • HL7 Core aim
    • Introduction to hospital workflows
    • Development of HL7
    • HL7 Concepts
    • HL7 Structure
    • Encoding Characters
    • HL7 Message system


    • Segments/Structures
    • SIU^S12
    • ADT^A04
    • DFT^P03


    • ORU^R01
    • ORM^O01
    • QRY
    • MDM
    • ACK


    • Overview of different data types
    • Alphanumeric/numeric/identifiers
    • Date-Time/miscellaneous
    • Demographic/coded


    • Introduction to Mirth engine
    • Mirth Architecture
    • Mirth Installation


    • Dashboard
    • Alerts
    • Channels Tasks
    • Group tasks
    • Extensions
    • Events
    • Summary tab
    • Source tab and Destination tab
    • Scripts tab
    • Variables in destination screen
    • Message view screen its options


    • Encoded Forms
    • Raw Forms
    • Sent Forms
    • Response Forms
    • Transformed Forms


    • Folders
    • TCP/IP
    • Web Services
    • SFTP/FTP
    • Database Readers


    • Overview of Channels
    • Channel creation
    • Folder to Folder – HL7 channel
    • TCP/IP to Folder
    • Message builder Transformer
    • Database reader to a Folder
    • Mapping variables of HL7
    • Folder to Database writer


    • Introduction to XML
    • Overview of E4X and how it works


    • JavaScript – Basics
    • Data Types
    • Variables
    • Comparisons
    • Operators
    • Functions
    • If condition
    • Loops – While/For/For each


    • Rule builder
    • JavaScript
    • External Script
    • Use case scenarios


    • External script
    • Destination Set Filter
    • Mapper
    • JavaScript
    • Message Builder
    • Exercises/Assignments


    • Conformance & its use
    • Conformance dynamic use case
    • Conformance Static use case


    • Introduction to CCD
    • What is HIE
    • MU
    • FHIR

Modes of Training

Self-Paced Learning
Online Instructor LED
Corporate Solutions

HL7 Certification

Qualifying HL7 certification demonstrates you as a skilled professional and sets you apart from your peers. Certification exposes you to a greater amount of career opportunities with nice packages. Moreover, almost all the companies are looking to hire candidates who are HL7 Certified.

Apart from gaining all industry-demand skills, you will also receive a shareable electronic HL7 course completion certificate. This certificate is well recognized across all companies and depicts you as a well-trained candidate.

HL7 Projects

We have included two live projects in this HL7 FHIR training course to provide you with practical knowledge. During this course, you will be executing all the concepts in real-time and gain hands-on experience.

FAQs On HL7 Training

With an aim to make the learning process simple and flexible, CourseDrill offers two different modes of training which are Instructor-led training and Self-paced training. Apart from this CourseDrill also offers corporate training to the organizations across the world for updating their workforce on the latest technologies. 

Yes, upon the successful completion of the course you will get all the assistance required to get into your dream job from our placement department. CourseDrill has partnered with 1000+ companies all around the globe and we share your resume with all these companies for exposing you to the right opportunities. Apart from this, you will also receive extra benefits from the expert team which includes interview preparation, resume building, etc.

At CourseDrill we follow a practical approach in designing all the online courses.  Each course consists of two latest and easy to understand projects. Working with projects during the training period will help you apply your theoretical knowledge into real-time applications. This process enhances your knowledge and skill-set to handle real-world projects.

Yes, absolutely. With an aim to provide the financial flexibility to the learners, CourseDrill offers two instalment options. When you sign up for the course you are requested to pay half of the course fee and remaining amount you can pay when half of the course finishes.

Yes! With an aim to eliminate the time barrier for learning we have created high-quality self-paced HL7 training videos. You can learn HL7 whenever you find free time and if you come across any doubts or questions our live support system will help you in resolving them.

Yes, CourseDrill offers you an option to attend the demo. If you are not satisfied with a trainer we will arrange a demo with another HL7 trainer.

No! Our job assistance program has been designed only to help you with the potential job opportunities that suit your profile. The hiring process completely depends on your performance during the interview and companies requirements.

Yes, each course offered by CourseDrill is associated with some specific discounts. When you make an enquiry for a course our coordinator will explain to you with a complete course fee structure along with discounts.


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