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Drupal Online Training

Start your career on a powerful content management solution and become a pro in building websites by enrolling in CourseDrill’s Drupal training. Our certified trainer will help you gain all the skills you need to build and maintain a Drupal website. In this Drupal course, you will gain fundamental knowledge of areas like Drupal installation, User management, Content creation, Managing content types, Drupal configurations, Taxonomy & Filters, Drupal Theming, Extending Drupal, Site maintenance, and a lot more. During this training, you will be working on two Drupal industry projects to gain real-time exposure in building and maintaining sites. Learn from the leading expert trainers by joining our Drupal certification training program.

Why should You Learn Drupal?

Why CourseDrill?

CourseDrill is a leading IT training and certification provider with world-class industry experts as its trainers. We have been the first choice for many Drupal learners over the past five years. Till today, we have successfully trained 2000+ candidates and 15+ corporates on this platform across the globe. Our unique features like real-time experienced & certified instructors, cutting-edge course curriculum design, practical teaching approach, placement assistance, world-class support system, etc., have made us the best Drupal training & certification providers in the market. Enquire now to know more!

Drupal Online Training Details:

We at CourseDrill have designed this Drupal certification course with an aim to equip you with current industry demand skills and to transform you into a job-ready professional. In this course, we cover all the essential modules & provide you hands-on experience required for you to build & manage futuristic websites.

Despite receiving the best Drupal certification training, you will also get access to many other extra learning resources, including advanced material for Drupal interview questions, free recorded Drupal training videos, resume preparation, and access to the valuable Drupal tutorials. Enquire now to know more about this Drupal training online program.

Following are the core learning objectives of this online Drupal training:

    • Creation and selection of content types and fields
    • Use Views to build custom sites
    • The process to design site navigation using menus
    • Access control for roles and configurations
    • Procedure to Customize & override template files
    • Creation of dynamic templates using Twig
    • Layouts and regions implementation
    • Adding Javascript and CSS libraries
    • Configuring site for theme development
    • Creation of responsive image styles
    • Make required changes and extend Drupal using events, hooks, and plugins.
    • Planning, designing, and altering form and their workflows
    • Working with multiple services
    • Displaying content using Render API
    • Writing secure codes
    • The process to use Drupal’s menus and navigation system
    • Drupal Interview & resume preparation
    • Drupal best practices

Following are the candidates who can learn Acquia Drupal training and extend their skillset:

    • Developers
    • IT Professionals
    • IT Consultants
    • Website Managers
    • Content Management Professionals
    • Working professionals who wish to switch their domain
    • Freshers who wish to start their career on a top CMS platform

There are no mandatory prerequisites to learn Drupal 8 training but having a fundamental knowledge of the below areas would be an added advantage:

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • PHP

Quality never comes cheap, and this is a universal fact. Still, to deliver high-quality Drupal certification training to all, we offer this course at a very affordable cost. You can get quick details of this Drupal software course by calling or using WhatsApp at +91-93473 84580 or write to us at info@coursedrill.com.

Yes, we offer customized Drupal corporate training to cater to organizations’ unique learning needs and help transform the workforce with modern CMS skills. Our certified trainer will design and deliver Drupal course content that fits your unique project requirements.

Drupal is one of the widely used open-source CMS platforms written in PHP and distributed under the General Public License. It is the core CMS platform behind world-famous websites, and even governments of popular countries like the US, France, Landon, and more are using it to communicate with Citizens.

The Drupal platform has advanced features like easy content authoring, excellent security, high performance, modularity, and much more. Moreover, it also supports users in creating integrated digital frameworks and below things to enhance functionality:

    • Modules: To expand Drupal’s functionality
    • Themes: To customize the content presentation
    • Distributions: To use as starter kits.

The Drupal platform is growing at a faster rate. As per 2021 statistics, it consists of 1.39 million community members, 121,000 active contributors, 2,900 free themes, 46,800 free modules & 1300 free distributions helping users build and set up Drupal websites.

Drupal Course Content:

This Drupal course curriculum at CourseDrill has been designed by industry experts based on the current industry CMS requirements. This Drupal online training covers all the essential areas such as Drupal sites, Drupal themes, and Drupal developer course concepts. Following are the Drupal syllabus modules that we are going to cover during this training.

Drupal Sites Modules:


    • What is a content management system?
    • Why do we need a CMS platform?
    • Top CMS software available in the market
    • What is Drupal?
    • Core building blocks of Drupal platform


    • Downloading Drupal 9
    • Environment setup
    • Fix error status


    • Introduction to layout builder
    • Creating a content layout type
    • Layout modification
    • Using layout building restrictions to configure layouts and blocks
    • Layout builder design patterns
    • Layout Builder View modes


    • Overview of media management in Drupal
    • Media types, fields, and entities in Drupal
    • Adding Media Fields
    • The process to find, add, modify and delete Media entities
    • Drupal media library
    • The process to add a media button to the WYSIWYG editor
    • Access controls to media entities
    • Media source mapping
    • Tracking media entity
    • Creation of new media type


    • Setting up a demo site
    • Adding a rest API to views
    • Adding Filter criteria to Views
    • View relationships
    • Theming views overview


    • Introduction to content moderation
    • Content workflows
    • Revisions
    • Planning an Editorial workflow
    • Custom workflow creation
    • Moderated views and content

Drupal Themes Modules:


    • What is a Theme in Drupal
    • The process to install and uninstall themes
    • The process to describe a theme
    • Theme structure overview
    • Regions
    • Adding a region to a theme


    • Introduction to Theme settings
    • Making changes to theme configurations
    • Core themes
    • Adding a screenshot to a theme


    • Overview of theme inheritance
    • Base themes in Drupal
    • Procedure to use a base theme


    • Overview of template files
    • Template file overriding
    • Template design with Twig
    • Overriding a viewers wrapper template


    • Environment setup for theme development
    • Stark
    • Clear Drupal’s Cache
    • Template variables inspection


    • Overview of Theme Hooks
    • Adding Theme Hook Suggestions

Drupal Developer Modules:


    • Required files to create Drupal module
    • Routes
    • Permissions for a Module
    • Links
    • Controllers


    • Introduction to Hooks
    • Fundamentals of plugins
    • Events Fundamentals
    • API rendering
    • Discovering and using existing services
    • Render Arrays
    • Render elements
    • Filed API
    • Entity API
    • Form API
    • Cache API
    • Fundamentals of Configuration systems
    • Security and Version updates
    • Configuration entities’
    • Drupal Coding standards


    • Drupal Modules Development
    • Configuration Management
    • Drupal Entity API
    • Migrating to Drupal 8 to 9
    • Configuration entities
    • Automated testing
    • Drupal development using Docker
    • Drupal Best Practices

Modes of Training

Self-Paced Learning
Online Instructor LED
Corporate Solutions

Drupal Certification

Showcase your Drupal skills to the world and grab the best career opportunities. Qualifying Drupal certification sets you apart from your peers as a skilled professional and organizations are looking for Certified Drupal professionals.

Apart from gaining all industry-demand Drupal skills, you will also receive a shareable electronic Drupal 9 course completion certificate. This certificate is recognized across all companies and depicts you as a well-trained candidate.

Drupal Projects

We have included two live projects in this Drupal 9 training course to provide you with practical knowledge. During this Drupal 8 course, you will be executing all the concepts in real-time and gain hands-on experience.

FAQs On Drupal Training

With an aim to make the learning process simple and flexible, CourseDrill offers two different modes of training which are Instructor-led training and Self-paced training. Apart from this CourseDrill also offers corporate training to the organizations across the world for updating their workforce on the latest technologies. 

Yes, upon the successful completion of the course you will get all the assistance required to get into your dream job from our placement department. CourseDrill has partnered with 1000+ companies all around the globe and we share your resume with all these companies for exposing you to the right opportunities. Apart from this, you will also receive extra benefits from the expert team which includes interview preparation, resume building, etc.

At CourseDrill we follow a practical approach in designing all the online courses.  Each course consists of two latest and easy to understand projects. Working with projects during the training period will help you apply your theoretical knowledge into real-time applications. This process enhances your knowledge and skill-set to handle real-world projects.

Yes, absolutely. With an aim to provide the financial flexibility to the learners, CourseDrill offers two instalment options. When you sign up for the course you are requested to pay half of the course fee and remaining amount you can pay when half of the course finishes.

Yes! With an aim to eliminate the time barrier for learning we have created high-quality self-paced Drupal training videos. You can learn Drupal whenever you find free time and if you come across any doubts or questions our live support system will help you in resolving them.

Yes, CourseDrill offers you an option to attend the demo. If you are not satisfied with a trainer we will arrange a demo with another Drupal trainer.

No! Our job assistance program has been designed only to help you with the potential job opportunities that suit your profile. The hiring process completely depends on your performance during the interview and companies requirements.

Yes, each course offered by CourseDrill is associated with some specific discounts. When you make an enquiry for a course our coordinator will explain to you with a complete course fee structure along with discounts.


Vasavi Jain
Vasavi Jain
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The whole training was quite good and helped me understand areas like sites, themes, and Drupal development. The complete training was hands-on, and things like interviews & certification preparation were an added advantage. Support from the CourseDrill team was quite good. Thanks for the best course.
Amith Bhatia
Amith Bhatia
Read More
I was a WordPress developer and wanted to learn Drupal. I attended the live demo at Coursedrill and joined the course. The whole training was perfect and covered all the essential areas. Executing assignments during the class gave me practical knowledge. I recommend CourseDrill.
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Firstly I would like to thank trainer Thomas and CourseDrill for this hands-on training. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole training. Thomas' industry experience and his ability to simplify the teaching process have helped me a lot.
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